Truth is in the eye of the beholder.

The scourge of our postmodern age.

Non-repayable loan.

Vatican Bank fluffy-speak for a gift.

Extraordinary rendition.

US Government fluffy-speak for kidnapping on foreign soil.

Collateral damage.

Military fluffy-speak for killing innocent people.


Corporate fluffy-speak for firing.

Budget reinforcement.

Swedish Government fluffy-speak for higher taxes.

Resettlement to the east.

National Socialist fluffy-speak for the Holocaust.

Planned Parenthood.

Notional Socialist fluffy-speak for abortion clinics.

Crisis pregnancy.

Canonical fluffy-speak for unwanted baby.

Marriage Equality.

Canonical fluffy-speak for gay marriage.

It is what it is.

Personification of learned helplessness, truth-denial and apathy.

Everything happens for a reason.

When the real reason dares not speak its name.

It takes two to tango.

When the canonical 'victim' runs out of rope.

Trust me.

When you don't want to explain yourself.

Trust men.


Trust women.

When you can't remember the female term for mysogony.

Trust the science.

When the science has been hijacked.

Trust the fact-checkers.

When the facts have been hijacked. 

Men are all the same.

When 'male logic' is hard to take

Women are all the same.

When 'female intuition' is hard to shake.

Politicians are all the same.

When elections come round.

Engineers are all the same.

Actually, this one may be true!